Category: Astrophotography

  • Reflector vs Refractor Telescope Pros Cons

    Reflector vs. Refractor Telescope Pros and Cons

    Anyone venturing into astronomy or astrophotography should understand reflector vs. refractor telescope pros and cons. Both telescopes have their uses and strengths that make them ideal for exploring the sky. Understanding the pros and cons of each telescope will help you decide which one is most suitable for your needs.  Reflector and refractor telescopes are…

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  • Astrophotography Flat Frames Light Box

    How to Make a Flat Frame Lightbox for Astrophotography?

    Did you know you can make an astrophotography flat frame lightbox with the following simple steps? Although astrophotography is a complex subject, you shouldn’t have to buy expensive accessories for your telescope. You can make a flat field box with the simple steps above and produce images with even lighting.  I have compiled all the…

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  • Polar Alignment Without Polaris

    Can you Polar Align without Polaris?

    Yes. You can polar align a telescope’s polar axis without having a visual on Polaris. Use the following steps to adjust for polar alignment without Polaris.  It is tough to align your polar axis without seeing the North Celestial Pole, but you can do it closely. It would be best if you were patient with…

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