About Me

I have long wondered what is out there in space. I’m like you, I want to observe everything!

Hello, I’m Kevin Riser, founder of Starry Nova.

I run this site and enjoy doing it as I have always had a passion and wonder for outer space.

I hope you enjoy my little blog site, I do my best to make it as informational as possible and come up with topics I feel are not covered often. The idea of this site is to make all the information that is hard to find, easier.

Most of these articles do take a very long time to create, so I hope you enjoy them.

I have been into space ever since my father bought me a telescope when I was younger, by my picture you can tell that was a long time ago.

It’s so amazing seeing things so far away from where we are. I love listening to all the science podcasts, YouTube channels, and even Reddit.

Knowing that new discoveries happen daily, maybe an article on this site will help someone make a new discovery! That is my dream.

If you would need anything you can always email me at Kevin@StarryNova.com.

Thanks for stopping by!